Social sustainability

As a family business, we strongly believe in social sustainability, as well to society as to our employees. Taking responsibility when it comes to protecting the environment is a subject which plays a frequent role in the day-to-day running of our business. Reduced power consumption thanks to innovative heating of our production facility, light sensors in our offices, recycling, the use of eco-friendly packaging, the co-development of 100% natural products, as well as lean and green transport are just a few examples.

People are the most important asset in successful entrepreneurship. This is why we focus on our personnel. Our personnel are the cornerstone of our business. The creation of safe, secure and sound work environment; personal contact and the personal development of our employees are our key focus. This means we are up-to-date on relevant business and market developments. This allows us to anticipate our clients’ demands and respond quickly and expertly to questions.


In addition to our core team, we offer job opportunities to people with disabilities. With the right support they are able to function within our facilities’ production process.

As a business, we are also involved with various charities. We send bandage products to projects in Africa. We also support Baby Hope, a foundation involved in collecting post-natal care products for mothers in Africa, India, South America and Eastern Europe. This charity helps women in these areas so they are able to give birth hygienically resulting in alive and healthy babies.