About Royal Utermöhlen

Emergency bandage

About Royal Utermöhlen
Royal Utermöhlen is founded in 1880 and is well known in the wound care industry. The company became a national and international player with the invention of the first aid dressing in 1901. This innovation allowed rapid bandaging of heavy bleeding (gunshot) wounds. This saved many soldiers their lives during various wars waged at that time. This life-saving invention resulted in receiving a “Royal Distinction" by the Dutch queen. This distinction is still used today.

Nowadays, Royal Utermöhlen has widened its business scope. In addition to supplying wound care products as part of the Utermöhlen professional brand, we also supply wound care and over-the-counter products for minor skin ailments via the HeltiQ and ByeBites brands. Examples of the products manufactured and supplied are innovative over-the-counter products for the treatment of warts, chickenpox, skin complaints, scars and insect products on natural base which prevent, as well as cure, stings and bites.

Improving our existing products and innovating new ones is one of our company's core values. An in-house R&D department, quality assurance and innovation team work together to develop and annually launch new and innovative products. With 25 years of experience we are also specialized in the field of cryotherapy products (treatment by means of freezing). Currently we develop and launch innovative products which are marketed in over 57 countries.


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