Product development

Innovative product development is one of our key elements. We aim to provide the best solutions for the treatment of minor ailments for end users. Being ahead of market needs, investment in various research and development projects, keeping a critical eye on quality and the development of new or improved products, is an essential part of this process.


Anticipating developments means we can develop our position both within our field as well as in our area of expertise. Twenty-five years of research has given us extensive experience in developing cryotherapy products (treatments by means of freezing). Thanks to our extensive knowledge and continued cryotherapy testing, we were able to develop another new and innovative cryotherapy product in 2013, HeltiQ Skintags.


In addition to cryotherapy, we continue to innovate through the creation of products such as gels, creams and other topical products for treatment of minor ailments. We also cater to international demands and anticipate market developments. This has allowed us to export our products globally.