Our brands

Utermöhlen has been a recognized and leading brand in professional wound care for many years. The range is intended for businesses and governmental institutions and consists of first-aid kits and bags, first-aid sets, first-aid and FSFA course sets, FSFA training sets and first-aid accessories such as detectable plasters. All these products are an important addition to any working enviroment and/or training.

HeltiQ is a leading brand for wound- and maternity care and over-the-counter products for minor skin ailments for consumers allowing them to take care of the discomfort themselves without having to visit a doctor. Healthcare budget cuts, higher out of pocket healthcare contributions and an ageing population, result in increased demand for over-the-counter home healthcare products.

ByeBites is a 100%* natural brand which offers consumers an effective range of products for preventing and treating insect bites and stings. The brand includes products which are sold in chemists, pharmacies and various outdoor shops and offers both preventative and curative solutions.