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Royal Utermöhlen

We partner with market leading distributors for our Private Label OTC and cosmetic products.

About Royal Utermöhlen

Royal Utermöhlen is a recognized and leading company in
professional wound care and OTC products for minor skin ailments.
Currently, our (patented) cryoproducts can be found in more than 60
countries worldwide.


Advantages of working with Royal Utermöhlen:


  • Best, patented product
    Best value for money for your consumers

  • Own production facility
    Never out of stock

  • Own Advisory Board
    Scientific knowledge inhouse

  • Inhouse design & DTP
    Protects healthy skin with patented dome

  • Worldwide distribution
    Global experience in logistics

  • 140+ years of business

Discover the cryoproducts

The cryoproducts of Royal Utermöhlen are specialized in removing warts, skin tags, and ticks. The advanced technology of freezing a wart or tick is revolutionary and much easier to do from home, instead of visiting a doctor or using traditional methods. More detailed information about these products can be found below.


Wart Freezer


Skin Tags


Tick Away


Cryo Professional 

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